‘RANG Chat’ uses fireworks emoticon in connection with the watch. You can send it through RANG and APP.


Go to (Settings – Fireworks), to select up to three people that you want to send. On RANG, choose either left or right button to select the emoticon.

Then push the button for two seconds to send. When sending is successful, the watch will light.


The second method of how to send emoticon from APP.

From RANG chat, press on the ‘+’ that’s on the right side of the receiver. Then you can choose receiver from the address book. Choose the fireworks emoticon receiver from the receiver’s list. Then choose the fireworks that you would prefer and send. (If you press on the little speech bubble that’s next to the name of the fireworks, you will see how fireworks light.)


If you press on the speech bubble next to the receiver, you can see the history of ‘RANG Chat’.


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