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Actual Graphic Manual


‘RANG’ uses ‘Bluetooth’ and ‘GPS’. So please check if both of them are turned on.
Press ‘Settings-RANG Connect’. When the connection is successful, the light blinks. (The hour hand light stays
still and the minute hand blink. The minute hand can be told by five minutes segment time.)


※ For iOS, after successful connection, go to ‘Profile Settings’ and enter your phone number for the certification.
Then on the right side, press ‘Get number’. When the popped up message shows up, write 4 digits on
‘Input number’. Press ‘Certification’ button to complete certification.


※ If you can not find ‘RANG’, reset and connect it again.

(Reset: Press the center of 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock direction for ‘five seconds’.)


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