RANG Story

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You are able to express how you feel in RANG story.

If you find a good café, market, or book store, check GPS so you can only see the location.

You can express by using 24 adorable characters that cannot be described in words.

  1. In the message box write your feelings.
  2. Press ② and select the emoticon that you want to express.If you don’t select emoticon from the top column, the emoticon is randomly selected.
  3. If you press ③ the post is uploaded.
  4. If you want to record the current location, check ④ GPS box and upload it.
  5. Hold on the post long, if you do not want to receive newsfeed from the person. Then a popped up message appears and press the following button.
  6. You can unblock by ⑤ block list.
  7. ⑥ tells you anonymously of the people that used RANG each day.





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